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Outer Brewster Island Preserved

On September 16, 2005, Virginia based AES Energy announced its plan to turn Outer Brewster Island in Boston Harbor into a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal. Brewster Island, part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Park, was the fourth proposed terminal along the Massachusetts coast in 2005.

If authorized, the lease of the island would have turned a spectacular natural and recreational resource and seasonal home to important species of sea and shore birds into the largest LNG terminal and storage facility in the nation. Outer Brewster and Calf Bay are also the winter home of the Park’s only colony of seals, which often haul out within a few feet of the proposed LNG terminal site after feeding in the productive waters just off Outer Brewster.

Click here to download the Op-Ed from the Boston Globe written by Bruce Berman in opposition to the plan to convert Outer Brewster Island into a LNG terminal.  


Download the joint statement of the groups opposed to the proposed LNG terminal on Outer Brewster Island.


Download a copy of the legislationthat could have authorized the lease of Outer Brewster Island. 

Fortunately, on March 15, 2006, a legislative committee sent the proposal for a LNG terminal on Brewster Island to a study committee, overturning the proposal temporarily. On April 24, 2007, thanks to opposition from residents, fishermen and groups like Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, AES Energy dismissed its plans to build a LNG terminal on Outer Brewster Island. Bruce Berman, spokesman for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, commented on the decision: ''It was a bad idea, and it turned out not to be worth the effort - there are better places to put this kind of facility than in a national park.''

The siting of LNG facilities is an issue that deserves sustained awareness.  LNG is potentially explosive and could pose danger to its surrounding area. The proposed plant and the requested security zone would have restricted access to an important part of the park to the recreational boaters, divers, fishermen, lobstermen, and sailors, as well as the kayakers and canoeists who consider these protected bays the jewels of the park.

Learn more reasons why Save the Harbor/Save the Bay opposed a LNG facility in the Boston Harbor Islands National Park in our Position Paper.

Click on the links below to download Press Articles on the victorious win to overturn the AES plan:

April 26, 2007, Boston Globe, Harbor Island LNG Plan Dead, Foe Says Cities Backing from Senators 

April 26, 2007, Boston Herald, Energy Company Shelves Boston Harbor LNG 

Download a copy of our successful viral advocacy campaign Postcards From Outer Brewster.

Special thanks to the following list of those who successfully joined together in opposition to the AES plan to convert Outer Brewster Island into a LNG terminal:

3A Marine Service, Inc.
Bay State Cruise Company and New England Fast Ferry Co.
City Water Taxi
Conservation Law Foundation 
Environmental League of Massachusetts
Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands Inc. 
Harbor Express
Hull Lifesaving Museum 
Island Alliance 
Island Moorings, LLC
Massachusetts Audubon Society 
Massachusetts Bay Lines, Inc. 

 Massachusetts Boating & Yacht Clubs Association, Inc.
Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association, Inc. 
Massachusetts Marine Trades Association 
Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group (MASSPIRG) 
Massachusetts Sierra Club
Odyssey Cruises
Piers Park Sailing Center
Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies
Russo Marine
Safe Waters in Massachusetts (SWIM)
Save The Brewsters 
Save the Harbor/Save the Bay 
Seaside Environmental Alliance 
Surfrider Foundation